An interior decorator in Staten Island NY

If you want your residential or commercial space to be unique and memorable, look for decorators with a strong signature style. The author's style as a decorator is a set of features and characteristics that distinguish his interiors from the spaces of other decorators. The author's interiors are created using decorating techniques - characteristic colors, textiles, ornaments, shapes, the use of art, etc.
The decorator uses a whole arsenal of visual and tactile tools
  • 1
    Space zoning using finishing materials, furniture, partitions, textiles, lighting, and color.
  • 2
    Composition and optical illusions. Optical illusions are important for visually changing the proportions of space using color, perspective, mirrors, lines, transparent objects, color spots, and other effects.
  • 3
    Color can correct the proportions of space, hide imperfections and zone it. Color also plays a key role in creating mood and emotional response. Working with color is one of the most difficult elements of working with space. Color affects the physical and mental health of a person (see Color Matching Service).
  • 4
    Lighting (natural and artificial)
  • 5
    Using the beauty and properties of materials and textures. Texture can also convey color and be pleasant to the touch.
  • 6
    Textile helps to zone the space, as well as create and maintain style through color, ornament, and contrast.
  • Form and furniture.
  • Layering and details. The multi-layered interior arouses interest and curiosity. Such a space is revealed gradually and is all the more interesting. Layering is created with colors, textures, layers, details, and depth of space.
  • Ornament, rhythm, pattern.
  • Mix style.
  • Art introduces form, color, and ornament into the interior. Art can attract or distract attention, maintain style and color, take part in a composition, create an optical illusion, and add texture.
  • Accessories, details, and trifles - textiles, furniture, materials, pens, art forms, consumables. Accessories add depth and completeness to a space.
  • Trends are predictions of what will be relevant based on the values and ideas of society.
  • Vintage and antiques belong to a certain style and era. They add an element of depth and variety to a space, focus and uniqueness, function and beauty.
  • Elements of sensual design (music, aromas, living elements, serving, consumables).
I, a decorator in Staten Island, will help you create a space that is layered and deep, fitting your favorite things into an overall space that meets your needs for beauty, function, and identity. Remember that your interior is an opportunity to fill your life with pleasure and live happier.