Interior designer for creative and hedonistic people Residential Interior Design based on Environmental Psychology.

sq. ft. are decorated
projects are designed
years of experience
You need a Supportive home environment
• Home support in goal achievement
• Support of a home for immigrants
• Home support for the loss of a loved one
You want effective Interaction at home
• Welcoming home for you & guests
• Interior help in parenting
• Improving the quality of life through pleasures
You need a Healing interior design
• To decrease stress
• To help in healing
You need a feeling of belonging at home
• Identification through home design
• To emphasize your social status
• To express your life values at home
• To improve self-esteem and self-confidence
You need to improve your work at home
• A home office to increase productivity by 40%
• Creative work space
You want to improve intimate relationships
• Interior help in family relationships
• Your home story to magnate a right partner
• Build a sex room
You buy materials, furniture, and so on directly from suppliers
There are no hidden costs
You get detailed timeless interior for reasonable price in time
A value is over a price
You receive help to put your décor after the implementation of the project
The post-project assistance
You save the money and time as I am not interested in procrastination on the project
Payment for the room
You get unique interior tailored to your needs, tastes, lifestyle, and features
You are the co-author of the project
You get detailed blueprints for the project implementation
Everything is clear and understandable
Interior designer in NY

Full Service Design

The service includes:
Your benefits:
Duration: 1-3 hrs

Interior Consultation

You gain confidence in your choice
You get professional advice for improving your house
You have the opportunity to realize your desires by yourself
  • examination of your interior personally, or via photo/video
  • discussion of your expectations, wishes, and project goals
  • answers to your questions, recommendations & tips
Price: $7/sq.ft
The service includes:
Your benefits:

Author supervision

No hurry and nerves
You get a professionally help
You save your time

Interior Decorating

  • advising builders on how to implement design solutions
The service includes:
Duration: 1-3 wk
Duration: $ per month
Your benefits:
  • correcting drawings for space deviations or design changes
Price: $7/sq.ft
It is the fastest way to change your home for the better
You get a harmonious and comfortable interior, designed per your wishes
You save your money and time on buying decoration items and furniture
  • project needs and requirements research
  • furniture plans & layouts
  • mood boards, materials board
Your benefits:
  • furniture & decor selection
  • photoshop 2D visualization
  • a full estimate of all specified materials
Price: $7/sq.ft
The service includes:
Duration: 1-3 mth
You get the interior you have always dreamed of
You can correct the interior of the house even before its implementation
You get a clear plan for achieving your perfect home
  • project needs and requirements research
  • furniture plans & layouts
  • space planning
The service includes:
Your benefits:
  • mood boards, materials board

Project Implementation Management

  • lighting, plumbing
No hurry and nerves
  • furniture & decor selection
  • kitchen-bath design
You get a professionally help
  • 3D visualization
  • a full estimate of all specified materials
You save your time
  • custom millwork design
  • procurement & coordination
Price: $7/sq.ft
Duration: $$ per month
  • search for a construction team
  • search for furniture manufacturers
  • search and reception of finishing materials
  • coordination of project participants
  • operating schedule
  • cleaning of the object
Price: $7/sq.ft
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Professional Interior Design Services in Brooklyn NY
Inquiry (via website/ phone/ email)
Deposit 30%. Selection of interior analogs, furniture, and development
of a concept design
Construction supervision. You can read more about the service here
Deposit 30%. Develop project blueprints (only for full interior design service)
Final payment 10%.
Deposit 30%. Developing at least 3 furniture plan layouts
A personal meeting. The questionnaire discussion and 2 interior measurements
I always up to date with design trends: I practice regular training on narrow topics, study the practices of top designers, and develop vision through the study of ;design history

Maria Shafran, interior designer

My Author stylistics:

Mixing stylistics
Combination of old and new
Simple laconic form of curtains
Combination of warm and cold shades
Combination of figurative and abstract art
Combination of ethnic and European patterns
Contrast of rough and gentle, scary and beautiful