The Residential interior designer services help you if you`ve bought a house and want to give it your character.

Residential projects

It fits if a significant overhaul, the transfer of walls, the replacement of electrics and lighting, and the replacement of finishing materials are needed

Traditional Jewish house interior design, Brooklyn

Jewish touch is in using:
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Squaring: 750 sq.ft.
Stylist: Ethnic traditional style
The color palette is a mix of warm and cool colors — grey and beige, goldish with blue and green
The main goal of the project was to increase the space for huge family and often guests
We put away the partition walls between the living, dining room, and kitchen. We added different lighting scenarios — both natural and artificial
Hexagons and rhombs (on the mirrors, on the ceiling, on the fabrics, and furniture)
Paintings of Jewish artists (Herman Gold and Mark Rothko`s style)
Association with the Wailing wall by using similar wallpaper color and decorative plaster
Jewish symbols like an olive tree, pomegranate, shofar or ram's horn, menorah, and ritual dishes
Let`s create something beautiful together!
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Luxurious Eclectic two-level house interior Desgin project

Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Squaring: 3,788 sq.ft.
Stylist: Eclectics
Project features:
The goal is to decor interesting huge space with many focal points
Minimalism: concise forms of furniture, curtains and linear lamps) and art deco elements (marble textures on the floor and fireplace, gold on furniture handles and legs, kitchen set inserts)
Loft: open space with huge windows, concrete texture on the walls, glass and metal, hanging stairs with cables, leather and dark metal kitchen chairs)
Winter garden in the living area
Glass doors leading to the terrace
Vertical gardening in the dining area
Fireplace with real firewood
Huge aquarium
The second light is 8 m high
Suspended steps on cables
Lamps with living plants
Glass partition in the bedroom on the 2nd floor
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Dramatic white and black modern apartment Decorating

Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Squaring: 520 sq.ft.
Stylist: Transitional
Important areas:
The goal is to Interior Decor the living room bigger and to fit grandma's vintage furniture into the contemporary interior
The apartment provides for redevelopment (moving the kitchen to the balcony on the 1st residential floor) with the allocation of a bedroom and a large living area
From the former housing there was a retro wardrobe, a stand for a vinyl player and the player itself, a bed, a bookcase, and chairs
music practice area
2 workplaces
recreation and games in the living room
fenced bedroom
reception and cooking area
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Traditional Master Bedroom interior design in Staten Island

Location: Staten Island, NY
Squaring: 324 sq.ft
Stylist: American Traditional style
The room doesn’t look crowded. On the contrary, want to consider and enjoy the details. The feeling of a summer garden is created with the help of floral, leafy, and animalistic ornaments, carved wood, as well as live plants
The goal is decor cozy relaxing bedroom
The bedroom is designed in the style of Maximalism. It implies a large number of patterns and layers of decor. There are more than seven patterns in this space. At the same time, they are perfectly combined in color, motif, and size
Various textures are used in the room: wood, textiles, ceramics, marble, metal, white leather
Let`s create something beautiful together!
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Oriental Contemporary Apartment Interior Design

How did we achieve the presence of an oriental spirit in the apartment?
Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Squaring: 840 sq.ft
Stylist: Oriental eclectics
The goal is to design an eclectic transitional space with oriental elements
Modernity is given to the image of the kitchen-living room with futuristic transparent chandeliers and built-in spotlights, LED lighting of cornices, elements of the modern world (refrigerator, extractor hood, microwave, TV, modern sink spout), abstract image in the picture
Textile in oriental multi-layer curtains, rich upholstery of upholstered furniture, an abundance of pillows with bright ornaments
Carved ornaments. The kitchen apron ornament resembles a geometric oriental ornament with blue accents. Wallpaper with bright ornaments at the head of the bed
Fixtures. In the hallway and bedroom, we used special laser-cut metal lamps that will give clear shadows when turned on
Eastern Decor
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Transitional apartment design Project

Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Squaring: 570 sq.ft
Stylist: Transitional style
The goal was to design a more comfortable, bright, and joy space. To redistribute partitions
I used the same dining furniture, but added lighting pendants and green textile decor. Also, the kitchen set facades were aggressively red, so I turned them into a friendly and freshly green
The living room interior design has been changed dramatically. I changed the multiangle shape of the room to a more harmonious one and added kitchen and hall space. There were more decorative lights and relaxing color combinations, and some focal points appeared
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Art deco apartment Interior Design

Location: Moscow, Russia
Squaring: 1,500 sq.ft
Stylist: Art deco
The goal is to decor a luxurious space in the American The Great Gatsby style
Textures: marble floor, stone installation that contrasts with light curtains. Soft carpet on the floor, textile art on the wall, velvet and shag fabric on the sofas, decorative plaster on the walls, wooden side tables. Glass and metal chandelier
Invoices: convex shapes of the hanging console under the TV and fireplace, voluminous abstract art above the fireplace
The bathroom can be not only a place of hygiene but also a place of relaxation and enjoyment of being alone with yourself. If the size of the bathroom allows, you can arrange it as a boudoir with various functional areas — actually hygiene and relaxation
A grounded white sofa contrasts with a light translucent console against the wall, and a light-legged blue sofa contrasts with a heavy stone installation near the windows. I decided to break this myth and create a floating, light interior that plays with light and shadow, soft and sharp-angled patterns
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Eclectic house Decorating in Staten Island

Location: Staten Island, NY
Squaring: 741,3 sq.ft
Stylist: Transitional Contemporary light style
The goal of the project is to design a cozy relaxing and energetic mood. The needed functional zones are — watching TV, enough sitting places for guests (8−10 persons): sofas and armchairs, and side tables. White-and-black kitchen set transitional style
A neutral background (grey walls, beige) makes the calming familiar atmosphere. White — a symbol of purity, calms, and gives more light. Black — luxury, mysterious. Accent shades are goldish (yellow), navy, brown
Warm and cozy textures and materials are wood, cotton, touchable velvet, faux fur, silk velvet, and linen. Transitional — symmetry of the windows and furniture, classical fireplace, neutral color shades. Art Deco features are black-and-white, black-and-gold color combinations, geometric patterns, glass, glossy surfaces
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Transitional living room Decorating in Staten Island

Location: Staten Island
Squaring: 686 sq.ft.
Stylist: Transitional style
The goal is to design 8-10 seats, cozy homey space. Mediterranean alike
The house is built in the traditional style, which is realized in symmetrical architecture. In the project, I strengthened and highlighted it. Also, I connected the space of the hall and the living room with the same blue curtains and chandeliers
Marble, dark wood, and ceramics are also typical materials for the traditional American style
The leitmotif of these two areas is rounded, which appears on the area rug, wall mirror, graphics art, coffee tables, watch, and ornaments. I added a lot of live plants and dried flower compositions
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