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As we all know, the beauty of one’s living space is essential for peace and comfort. It elevates your mood and feels welcoming to your guests. However, various interior designers in Manhattan, NY, often overlook the actual importance of interior decoration and redesign. This is where our team at Maria Shafran outshines other commercial interior designers. Our selection of designers share a common vision, to provide you with the best interior design service possible. We design our work per your living style and personality. This way, once the project is completed, you get the perfect results. With Manhattan’s hectic rush hours, our craftsmen work at a fast pace. Due to this reason, you won’t see any delays on your project without any compromise on the quality.

Moreover, while the designs are being etched out, we also take your valuable opinions into account. This blend of your vision and our expertise produces a rich interior design for your living space. Our interior designing services come with a crystal clear pricing plan. To check more about it, head over to our website. Get in touch with right now!

Reliable Residential Interior Design Services

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When it comes to residential interior design, the intricate details related to such projects can make it complicated. The back-and-forth exchange of ideas, design revisions, and selection of materials are some of its aspects. With such maneuvers, it is natural that one doubts the reliability of residential interior designers. However, our company makes sure that such minor hurdles are out of the way before we take on any project. This saves you from any unwanted headaches of giving your living space a makeover. Our team gives your needs and requirements the utmost priority. With that said, we also provide our customers with highly detailed blueprints related to each aspect of your project regardless of its scale.

Our expert home decor services come with a variety of themes for your living space. You can explore and choose from a diverse list to incorporate your ideas. On top of that, our company operates all across Manhattan, NY. We must also mention that the materials we use are finalized with your supervision. This way, you are completely aware of how your interior design project is shaping up. You can contact one of our representatives through the company’s email address. Book a meeting with us today!

Residential Interior Design
Professional Restaurant Interior Design Services for you!
Restaurant interior design is an enormous task. It requires considerable planning and a substantial time frame for proper execution. Our team of professionals is unparalleled at finishing such projects. With such an experience under our wing, we guarantee the completion of your restaurant interior design before a predetermined deadline. We do this to ensure your interior design turns as you envisioned it. We create restaurant interior designs with your customers in mind. Every corner of your restaurant is designed to make your new and existing customers comfortable

As a result, your customers get an enjoyable and memorable experience. This will enhance the overall visibility of your business and help to drive sales up by a significant margin. We also have a wide catalog of the best interior design for restaurants. This catalog includes every single detail that you need to know about restaurant interior design. Some notable factors are color themes, general designs, light equipment placements, and price points. To access our affordable restaurant interior design catalog, you can either contact our representatives by phone or email. We can even give you a rough estimate of the costs associated with your project in Manhattan, NY. Get a free quote today!
Best Budget Interior Design Services; Arround You!
There is no surprise that interior design services often cost a lot of money. This is mainly because it requires an expert interior designer and a team of professionals. This combination brings fruition to your interior design ideas effortlessly. With that in mind, our company provides expert budget interior design services for residential and commercial purposes. We create custom pricing plans to suit your finances.
On top of that, we also provide you with all the information related to material, labor, and other costs. This brings forth clarity for you about the services you are paying for. To book a meeting with us about the ideas and pricing plans, simply use the phone number given on our company website. You can call us anytime from anywhere in Manhattan, NY, to get an onsite inspection as well. Reach out to us now!
Reliable Design Interior Lighting Services;
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Lighting is a critical aspect of any ideal interior design. It helps to highlight various details and might be invisible to people otherwise. In addition to that, adequate lighting also elevates your mood and shapes the aura of your interior design. However, it is equally important that your lighting works as intended. They aren’t too bright or too dim regarding the overall image of your business. This is where our company’s proficiency plays a pivotal role compared to others. We assess the overall image of your business and plan a detailed proposal for lighting.
We use a blend of lighting techniques, color schemes, and light placement to achieve the best possible results. With our affordable design interior lighting packages, you don’t even have to worry about your budget. We even provide free estimates for new and interested businesses in Manhattan, NY. Simply use our contact information on the website. Call us today!

Professional Apartment Interior Designer Services;

We will make your apartment Stylish!
The quality of an apartment interior design depends on two factors, the owner’s vision and the designer’s expertise. These two combined produce a marvelous result for the years to come. With Maria’s supervision, our team can provide modern apartment interior design services. The list includes remodeling, spacing, design themes, decorating, and consultation. We offer premade designs for different-sized apartments. Along with that, we can also incorporate your ideas to formulate a feasible design for your living space. As for our decorating and remodeling, we give a clear blueprint of the entire project and its implementation timeline. This will enable you to always stay in the loop and keep track of the progress.
Our company provides affordable interior design for houses as well. You can check our website to explore various pricing options. You can even select and choose specific services from a plan. We do this to make interior design services easily accessible. Our website also has the option for cost estimation. It is available for commercial and residential projects in Manhattan, NY. Use the digital form on our website. Alternatively, you can use our phone number as well. Ring our phone right now!

Apartment Interior Design
Professional Beauty Salon Designer Services? We Have You Covered!
As a beauty salon owner, your main concern is to ensure the comfort of your customers. Comfort is only achievable if your customers feel relaxed. Interior design plays a pivotal role in providing such comfort. With our team of specialists, we can transform your beauty salon into a place for customers to alleviate their moods. We do this by applying a variety of tested techniques. To name a few, we can change the lighting in your beauty salon. Proper lighting can completely change how your customer perceives your salon. While bright lights seem aggressive, warm lighting can project a welcoming environment.

Just like this, we have several ideas to give your beauty salon a makeover. The expertise of our luxury beauty salon designer is honed by years of satisfactory work in the Manhattan, NY, market. With that said, you can book an onsite meeting with our modern beauty salon designer team to understand what your salon requires. We’ll even provide you with a catalog of presets to look at. You can then mix and match various aspects to create your custom design plan. To contact us, use the email mentioned on our website. Hire our services today!

Professional Interior Design for New York Condominiums;

Swift appearance!

Condominiums create the most mess when it comes to interior design. There is little room to work with and you have to be extra careful not to inflict any unwanted damage on the property. While it is true, a professional’s touch can completely transform the operations of such a project.

Our company specializes in designing and remodeling condominiums. We use a wide variety of power tools to get the job done in due time without creating an unwanted mess. We finalize every little detail before getting started with a project. This way, you have a clear idea as to what the final result is going to be. On top of that, our commercial condo interior design contains all sorts of themes and ideas you can choose from. This will make your decision-making process easier by a lot. Your quick decision-making also enables us to get the project done on time. To avail the best small condo interior design services in Manhattan, NY, reach out to us. You can do it by contacting us through our helpline or our email address. We can even provide an onsite meeting on request. Use our email today!

Condo Interior Design