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The interior decor of a property is unique and the entire look of a home or business depends on how you decorate it. When it comes to the decoration of an interior there is a wide variety of options available, you can choose to give it a modern and contemporary look or you can also choose to go for a vintage look that will give your home an innovative and vintage look. In short designs of the interior play a crucial role in balancing and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Expert interior designing companies play an important role in this regard.

At Maria Shafran, we provide the most affordable interior design services for your budget and deliver the solution for your interior decoration needs. Our experts fully understand your needs and provide services that give you the ultimate satisfaction. Our interior designing services are not limited only to the residential sector instead we also provide the best services for businesses as well. When you talk to our commercial interior designers you realize your needs more clearly and our expert advice will help you achieve clarity. Call us now and hire our expert design solutions and give the interior of your property a fresh and refreshing appeal.

Reliable Residential Interior Design Services

Impress your guests with our Premium Solutions!

When was the last time your guests admired your dining room? Or do your friends say that your kitchen looks awesome? Don’t worry if you have not received a compliment in a long time or have never received one. We are here to help you with our expert home decor services. We know that receiving a compliment once in a while can boost your mood and build more confidence. Our residential interior designers will carefully analyze your home design, its overall theme, and most importantly the final design that you want. Once we know what are your expectations and limitations, we will come up with the most ideal design options and solutions for your home.

 Our professionals will work on micro and macro levels to ensure that we do not miss any detail either small or big. This detailed work will result in a seamless transformation of your home that will leave you in awe. You will be amazed at the transformation and most importantly how much it will cost you. Yes, we make sure that we keep the prices low while achieving the best looks. So, stop thinking and get our affordable luxury interior design services in Brooklyn, NY.

Residential Interior Design
Best ambiance with our
Professional Restaurant Interior Design Services!
If you own a restaurant, cafe, or any type of food-related business, then you must have heard of the importance of having a good ambiance. Ambiance isn’t just good paint, expensive lighting, and luxurious furniture. It’s an overall experience and sense of satisfaction that you provide to your customers that they cannot get anywhere else. Apart from the quality of your food, ambiance is the most important thing in running a good food business. That is why you should contact professionals to achieve the best interior for your place. We are a luxury restaurant interior design company in  Brooklyn, NY. We have a track record of upgrading countless restaurants and food courts in the area.
Our experts will study your market, brand, and target audience. We will make sure that we fully understand what your audience likes and what are their preferences. This strategy ensures that you will get the best interior design for restaurants which will set your business apart. Our services will help you retain and gain more customers than ever. With our commercial interior decor for restaurants, you will be able to upscale your business that you have never imagined. Don’t believe us? Check out our portfolio on our website where we have helped business owners just like you. So, contact us right away!

The best budget interior design services that everyone can afford!
Do you want a professional and elegant-looking interior? Everyone would right? But most people are even afraid to reach out to a professional because they think that it will cost them a lot. This might be true if you are getting services from a random professional in Brooklyn, NY, but it's the total opposite if you contact us. Maria Shafrano provides the most affordable budget interior design services in the area. We believe in helping our customers to get beautiful interiors as this is an easy way to improve their lifestyle and their overall standard. We provide these services at very competitive prices but it doesn’t mean that we compromise on the quality of our work.

We also provide commercial budget interior design services in the area. We have helped countless local businesses to get better which not only looks good but also attracts more customers and visitors. So, call us now and get our high-quality budget services.

Reliable Design Interior Lighting Services;
Mesmerizing spaces with our Solutions!
Interior lightning! The easiest and most effective ways to improve your interior design. But that does not mean that you can just buy a set of glittery bulbs and install them wherever you want. You will need expert help to select the ideal lights and the ideal placements. We provide expert design interior lighting services in Brooklyn, NY. All of our staff is professionally trained to install these sorts of lights in interior settings. This means that they will professionally study your home interior and come up with the best-looking lights. Also, you will have to pay a very small amount to upgrade your space with our lighting services.
Yes, alongside quality and perfection, we also focus on keeping the overall price as low as possible. Our experts have a unique skill of using multiple lights and materials in a way that they look no less than luxurious. So, contact us now and get our affordable design interior lighting services.

Professional Apartment Interior Designer Services;

More value with Us!
Are you a businessman who owns multiple apartments? Or are you a realtor whose main income comes from buying old apartments and selling them after renovation? If you are one of these or anyone who even owns an apartment, then you need to get in contact with us. We are a luxury apartment interior designer company in  Brooklyn, NY. We can help you enhance the interiors of your apartments. Doesn’t matter if you want a small apartment interior design or want service on a large scale for multiple apartments, we will help you enhance their aesthetics. We have a proven track record of successfully transforming the interiors of multiple apartments in the area. Due to our expertise and experience, we are more than confident that we will provide you with interiors that you will fall in love with.
Our experts will provide personalized services that will suit your taste while staying within your budget. We can help you with a modern apartment interior design or a minimalistic and simplistic design. We are in contact with the best and most trustworthy local suppliers. We will be able to acquire quality materials and fixtures at affordable prices. Doing so allows us to forward the savings to our customers. Hire our professionals now for the best-looking apartments.

Apartment Interior Design
More income with our Professional beauty Salon designer Services
Wow, that's beautiful! If you want every customer of yours to say this phrase when they enter your salon, then you have to contact us. We are a small beauty salon designer company that specializes in making your salons nothing less than awesome. Wait! We aren’t one of those companies who will use the most expensive options to uplift the interior of your salon without any benefit to your business. After all, there’s no use of an interior if it cannot help you make more money directly or indirectly.
Our commercial beauty salon designer knows that and that is why they are the best people to get help from when it comes to improving your salon’s interior. We will come up with a layout that not only makes your salon look more spacious, but it will also make regular operations easy. You will be able to cater to more clients in less time.

But how will our services help you get more customers? We will add a touch of uniqueness to your salon that people won’t be able to find anywhere else. We love being creative and it helps us achieve designs that can help you retain your customer base and get new customers in real time. So, call us now in  Brooklyn, NY, and get our luxury beauty salon designer services.

Professional Interior Design for New York Condominiums;


Condominiums are an economical way of living in your place. But most people think of it as living in a boring place just because you can’t afford a luxurious home of your own. Well, that is completely incorrect and we are here to help you get a beautiful interior even inside your condominium. We are a luxury condo interior designer company in  Brooklyn, NY.

We are not like other companies who will charge you a lot to get you a beautiful home. We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful interior. You might ask why we are so determined to do so. The answer is simple. A beautiful interior doesn’t just increase the aesthetics of your home, it has a very positive impact on your mindset and mood.

After getting our services, you will the most beautiful interior that will uplift your mood whenever you come back home from work. Not only will it relax you but it will also give you a sense of satisfaction that you are living a good lifestyle. These psychological effects of the best small condo interior design will positively impact your mental health which will result in overall better functioning. On top of all that, you will be getting these benefits at a very minimal price. So, call us now and get our affordable modern condo interior design services.

Condo Interior Design